Fibromyalgia is a syndrome with many symptoms.
Every person with fibromyalgia will have some symptoms.
Some people have all the symptoms but not everyone suffering from Fibro has the same symptoms or the same symptoms all the time.
In addition, symptoms can vary from one day to another, from one year to another, even from one minute to another, for each person to deal with fibromyalgia and other diseases coexisting Commons.

What is the confusion? Well, what is even more confused! The fibromyalgia patients have reported over 200 symptoms that I compile a list for some time.

This comprehensive list of symptoms of fibromyalgia may actually be symptoms of other diseases that coexist with fibromyalgia usually or may be something that only an experienced person.
Some of these symptoms are related and may actually be different ways of describing the same symptom from different perspectives.
The sources of the symptoms listed here include readers, friends with Fibro, doctors, websites, books and more.

Every time I listen, read, I examine or learn of a new symptom, I write it and adds it to the list.
I try to update this list as and when new symptoms appear (like you or I do know when I remanierai or should I consider moving something in a different category, etc.?
All symptoms are reported without prejudice.
This means that no determination is made as to whether someone was talking about the same symptoms in a different way or not.
This is just a list of symptoms, by categories, then alphabetically in the category.
in addition, these symptoms are not intended to be diagnosed!

1. The level of activity has been reduced to less than 50% of the level of pre-disease activity
2. Cold hands and feet (Member)
3. Cough
4. Carving Craving
5. delayed reaction to physical activity or to stressful events
6. Dry eyes and / or mouth
7. Edeme
8. family members with fibromyalgia
9. Fatigue, exacerbated by physical exertion or stress
10. often feels cold
11. feeling hot often
12. frequent Sighs
13. heart palpitations
14. Enrouure
15. hypoglycemia (blood sugar dropped or weak)
16. Over thirst
17. low blood pressure (less than 110/70)
18.Low body temperature (less than 97.6)

19. Pain in the abdominal wall
20. Severe pain in the hip
21. Pain burning nerve
22. Chest pain
23. Pain collarbone
24. Diffuse inflammation
25. Elbow Pain
26. exacerbated plantar arch or heel pain in
27 . Pain “growing” that do not disappear once you finish cultivating
28. Headache. Tension or migraine
29. rib cartilage inflammation
30. Pain in the joints
31. Large and tender breasts
32. Stiffness in the morning
33. Muscle pain
34. Muscle Spasms
35. Muscle Spasms
36. Weakness
37. moderate to severe pain
38 .


53. Hit with things
54. Go awkwardly
55. Balance of difficulty
56. Difficulty judging distances (while driving, etc.)
57. directional disorientation
58. Let things fall frequently
59. Better alert / energy later in the night
60. sleep time / alarm changed
61. Wake up frequently
62. Difficulty falling
63. Difficulty in staying asleep
64. excessive sleeping
65. State of alert or energy extreme levels late night
66. asleep randomly and sometimes dangerous
67. Fatigue
68. blind spots in vision
69. Pain in the eye

70. Difficulty in changing the orientation of one thing to another
71. Frequent changes in the ability to see well
72. Sensitivity of the night driving
73. Lost in places known when driving
74. Confusion
75. Difficulty expressing ideas in words
76. Difficulty following conversation (especially if the background noise is present)
77. Difficulty following instructions when driving
78. Difficulty following oral instructions
79. Difficulty making decisions
80. Difficulty moving his mouth to speak
81. Difficulty paying attention
82. Difficulty putting ideas together to form a complete image
83.Difficulty putting tasks or things in the correct sequence
84. Difficulty recognizing faces
85. Difficulty speaking familiar words
86. Difficulty remembering the names of objects
87. Difficulty remembering names of people
88. Difficulty understand what you are reading
89. Difficulty with long term memory
90. abrupt and unpredictable mood Shards
91. ReboundDifficulty understanding what you are reading 89. Difficulty with long term memory EMOTIONAL 90. abrupt and unpredictable mood Shards 91. ReboundDifficulty understanding what you are reading 89. Difficulty with long term memory EMOTIONAL 90. abrupt and unpredictable mood Shards

91. Rebound

92. Anxiety or fear when there is no obvious cause
93 uncontrollable anger attacks
94. Decreased appetite
95. The depressed mood
96. Abdominal cramps
97. distension
98. Decreased appetite
99 . Expectations food.
100. Constipation frequent
For those of you with fibromyalgia, it’s probably not a big surprise how many symptoms can occur.
Many people believe that pain, depression and fatigue are symptoms of fibromyalgia ONLY.
Unfortunately, this is not the case and I hope this list will help you to clarify this point of contention.
To be honest, even a perfectly healthy person will have some of these symptoms sometimes.
The difference is that a person with fibromyalgia will have many of these symptoms all the time or with sufficient frequency that interferes with the typical daily activities.
However, this list is not intended to diagnose simply to help people become aware of the many symptoms that a person with fibromyalgia can handle at one time and help people with fibromyalgia to monitor their symptoms.
If I missed a fibromyalgia symptom (or a common coexistence or overlapping condition), let me know, or even something that you, if you have fibromyalgia, as it does not currently listed .
In addition, If I made a list of the same thing twice (with exactly the same words) and I was captured, let me know.
AND It was a long list and I’m human, so mistakes can occur

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