The mystery of fibromyalgia finally solved!

A recent research that was trying to find the cause of pain in fibromyalgia patients discovered that it did not come from the brain. This is a major discovery that ends the mystery around this disease.

Doctors consider it a psychological disorder, but scientists have discovered that the pain originated in another unusual place: the blood vessels of the hand.

This discovery could lead to new treatments and even a cure for this condition, which would be very good news for millions of people. In order to solve this mystery, the scientists focused on the skin of the hand of a patient who had a lack of sensory nerve fibers, which resulted in a decrease in pain levels. Scientists were surprised to discover a large number of nerve fibers at the level of reference arterioles-venules at the level of the skin. Until now, the scientific community thought that these fibers regulated blood and had no connection with pain.

The current treatment of fibromyalgia does not provide relief to all patients. But now that the cause of this condition has been discovered, patients can hope for a cure.


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