Research the winning fibromyalgia

Syndrome characterized by diffuse pain throughout the body associated with a high fatigue and sleep disorders, fibromyalgia affects at least 2% of the French population.

The natural history of the disease can lead to total physical deconditioning, psychological and social. Research has shown that there was a link between the severity of this disease and poor physical condition related to physical inactivity; However, no controlled studies have demonstrated a link between biological and brain changes induced by physical exercise.

20,000 euros endowment

This is the project challenge “Fibromy’activ” led by Dr. Stephanie Ranque-Garnier, hospital practitioner at the Center for Evaluation and treatment of pain (DECC) at the University Hospital of Timone. To carry out this work, Dr. Ranque-Garnier received last night, CHU, the Casden Young Investigator Award in the presence of Philippe Chossat, deputy director of La Timone, Michel Sirvens, deputy CEO of the Foundation of the future, Dominique Fouchard, national delegate Casden Banque Populaire, Anne Donnet DECCs the department head and two deputy mayors of Marseilles, Dominique Tian and Patrick Padovani. This allocation of EUR 20 000 will allow the team to continue the study with 80 patients.

“No one can feel the pain of the other and no drug is completely effective , said in the preamble Stéphanie Ranque. However, we see that the reasoned and reasonable physical activity well suited, well calibrated, enables improved quality of life and a lower consumption of drugs. Fibromy’activ started two years ago and we record encouraging results that encourage us to continue. Today we know that it works, but we want to understand why. the next step will be read by brain imaging and biological studies, the effectiveness of these new habits. This support will help us to continue our research. “

Florence Cottin

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