Treat yourself: The best ways to relax when pregnant

Because growing a human is hard work.


Pregnancy, it’s full of high highs and low lows.

From the moment you see those double lines on the pregnancy test, life as you know it changes.

A beautiful growing bump, a newfound connection with your partner and the pure excitement of finally falling pregnantmay be some of the things you’re celebrating.

Constantly needing to pee, extreme hunger and navigating your maternity wardrobe are just some of the challenges coming your way – the miracle of life doesn’t come without a price but every ache and pain is 100% worth what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Your body works overtime to grow new life, so you need to make sure you reinvest with self-care during your pregnancy.

Because before you know it, you’re going to be reporting into a demanding, albeit adorable, new boss 24-7, so enjoy this sacred window of time before the baby arrives to be selfish and treat yourself.

As you countdown to welcome your baby, we’ve rounded up the best ways to pamper yourself when pregnant.

1. Pregnancy massage

As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, you may notice your limbs becoming quite tender from stretching and growing to accommodate for your new roomie.

One of the most common symptoms throughout pregnancy is a sore back, with over 70% of pregnant women suffering from back aches and pains.

This is because your lower spine is curving inwards to help suppourt your bub and your body is producing a hormone called relaxin, which helps your ligaments and joints loosen up.

A great way to remedy your aches and pains is by booking a pregnancy massage with a pregnancy massage therapist.

A little slice of heaven in Bondi. *(Image: To Wonderland Wellness Spa)*
A little slice of heaven in Bondi. (Image: To Wonderland Wellness Spa)

At 14 weeks pregnant, I headed to the stunning Bondi-based sanctuary that is To Wonderland Wellness Spa for one of their 60-minute pregnancy massages.

As I was in the early stages of my second trimester, I could still lie on my tummy. If you’re bigger, they modify the massage and perform in on your side.

Using elements of Swedish massage techniques with slow yet firm movements, the ante-natal massage relaxed me in all of my achey nooks and crannies.

The therapist also knew to avoid certain pressure points, including your wrist and ankles, which can prompt your uterus to contract.

After 60 minutes of pure pampering, my bump and I literally floated out of there.

A pregnancy massage is the perfect way to smooth out your aches and pains. *(Image: To Wonderland Wellness Spa)*
A pregnancy massage is the perfect way to smooth out your aches and pains. (Image: To Wonderland Wellness Spa)

2. Pregnancy pillow

If you’ve spent the majority of your life sleeping on your back, it’s a rude shock when you learn you can’t lie on your back past the first trimester.

Why? Well, when you lie on your tum the weight of your uterus can push on your major blood vessel called the vena cava. This can damage the blood flow to your little one and leave you feeling dizzy and nauseated.

Thank god for the pregnancy pillow, which is basically two soft pillow inserts joined together to create a comfortable sleeping space with room for a baby bump, your new secret weapon to getting a good night’s rest.

Popular styles include the Leachco Preggle Chic Pillow, $60,the Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow, $55, and the Boppy Slipcovered Pregnancy Body Pillow, $50.

A pregnancy pillow will help you sleep like a baby. *(Image: Getty)*
A pregnancy pillow will help you sleep like a baby. (Image: Getty)

3. The power of an amazing blow-dry

If, like me, you’re still waiting for that mythical pregnancy glow to kick in and you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, book yourself a guilt-free, well-deserved blow-dry.

Enter one of Sydney’s most popular hair salons, Pierre Haddad, who will make you feel like royalty from the second you walk in the door.

Kick back on their massage chairs while an expert stylist washes your tresses and works their magic fingers on your scalp with the most relaxing head massage you’ll ever experience.

Once you peel yourself away from their oh so comfy basins, it’s time to workshop what kind of blow-dry you want – and no style request is too much to accommodate for their hairdressers.

New hair, who dis? The wizards at Pierre Haddad breathed new life into my mane. *(Image: Supplied)*
New hair, who dis? The wizards at Pierre Haddad breathed new life into my mane. (Image: Supplied)

4. Book a babymoon, stat

Your official final holiday sans bub should be one to remember, so get booking!

When planning a babymoon, the choice of destination and hotel is important to ensure you have access to pregnancy-friendly facilities and services, if you need them.

For our definitive round-up of babymoon ideas,

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