My name is Fibromyalgia and I am an invisible disease.
I am with you for the rest of your life.
Others see not about me.
However, your body feels me.
I can attack when and how I want.
I can also take care of severe pain.
And if I’m in a good mood, I can assure you have pain everywhere.
Remember – when he made his energy and everyone had fun? Well, I took that power away from you
and give you back fatigue.
Now I always try to have fun, but I’ll leave his dream and give you a headache in return!
I can assure you vibrate inside and has cold or hot when everyone else feels normal.
Oh, yes, I can cause anxiety and depression.
It is not asked, but he has chosen for different reasons.
For this virus which has always had and never recovered, or a car accident or can – be it is the years of neglect after the trauma! Anyway, I’m here and I’m with you!
I heard that went to a doctor to get rid of me. Haha haha ring of laughter try!
You have to go want to finally get rid of me once and for many doctors.
You barricaded with pills, sleeping pills, energy pills.
Massage is obtained and bruised for anxiety or depression.
They will tell if while taking the pills, but clean and exercises, I’ll leave.
But the worst is that it will not be taken seriously when you shout the doctor who has the most normal life.
His family, friends and colleagues? We all listen until they are tired of how to stop suffering and I am a rotten disease.
They not hear that says: ” It was ten years ago? There are ten days! ” In
addition, some talk behind their backs as they slowly feeling that self – respect is lost.
Still it tries anyway, against my better judgment, to explain that he understands.
This is especially difficult if you are a “normal person” in conversation and suddenly you do not know what you mean again.

I hoped that this secret could go on , but now also publish it – even if
termination follows:

Whoever real understanding and support to meet me are people who have fibromyalgia.
Accept the minority who loves me and who support others.

This – It is true that you must be responsible, because you’re tired because you’re in pain, all is not what you want?
It is – it not true that if you have any disease then there is another misunderstanding, what you do or do not?
No wasted energy, so you always have to ask yourself , what others think – what?

It is – the little power left, it
is better to spend on nice things, and have
fun in your life, rather than discomfort.
Now, you do not get terribly tired of comprehension questions what?
while you are tired so early?

See – outside I’m wrong?
If you see someone trying to make something of his life.
you see me hiding in another walk through the pain?
Or you see someone standing proudly,
because they supported the time to spend the day.
You see the pain on his face?
No, a smile is,
because I’m happy with everything I can.

I continue to walk upright,
I keep smiling
and you know why?
I stopped because I understand the need.

I mean nothing when I’m really tired,
I can not do certain things, and if I do well, it hurts per day.
and understand that not because they’ve seen me walk yesterday?

I do not like a bitch, because I had a good day … … and today is less.

Like me lazy because I sleep for an hour?
I do not care,
Ben more tired than you.
it strange that not going to work or school?
I do not mind
I’d like to delete.

My head is full of all these questions how others think of me.
And dear people, I wanted to give.
I stand up for yourself –   well,   
because it is not easy to live with Fibro!

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