CBD Eliminate Breast Cancer Symptoms and kills cancer cells


Dr. Heather Morris

CBD Eliminate Breast Cancer Symptoms and kills cancer cells

Cannabidiol (CBD)  — a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant — is gaining traction in medical circles and the public eye as increasing amounts of scientific literature confirm its medicinal qualities. These include CBD’s ability to stave off inflammation, curb anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosis, and seizures.More astonishingly, and perhaps more urgently, CBD is proving to be a powerful anticancer agent (as recently acknowledged by the U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute). A paper published by the American Association for Cancer Research found that CBD inflicts programmed cell death (PCD) in breast cancer cells.“Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in women in the United States.Thickening of the breast tissue,nipple discharge,redness or scaling of the nipple,a nipple that retracts or turns inward and unexplained redness are the Breast Cancer Symptoms .

Conventional treatment options are often limited by toxicity or acquired resistance, and novel agents are needed. We analyzed the effects of the Cannabis sativa constituent, cannabidiol (CBD), a potent, natural compound with reported activity in breast cancer cell lines, and elucidated its effects on key neoplastic pathways.Later on in the paper, they write: “We found that CBD inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cell lines and induced apoptosis in a concentration-dependent manner. Moreover, at these concentrations, CBD had little effect on MCF-10A cells, nontumorigenic, mammary cells. These data enhance the desirability of CBD as an anticancer agent, because they suggest that CBD preferentially kills breast cancer cells and Eliminate Breast Cancer Symptoms, while minimizing damage to normal breast tissue.”If CBD continues to shine in the laboratory as research continues, it holds the potential to augment or replace conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy, which often cause significant harm to healthy cells and may catalyze undesirable and potentially devastating side effects.

The authors of the paper explain that CBD that Eliminate Breast Cancer Symptoms coordinates apoptosis and autophagy, resulting in the death of breast cancer cells and eliminating Breast Cancer Symptoms. Apoptosis (cell suicide) plays a vital role within our bodies. It is a form of cell death that facilitates the elimination of old and unhealthy cells without the release of harmful substances. Autophagy (cell recycling) is another normal physiological process by which the body breaks down unwanted cells. It maintains our homeostasis, or balance, by aiding the degradation of old cells and the formation of new ones.Cannabinoids, the molecular family in which CBD that Eliminate Breast Cancer Symptoms belongs, work by binding to certain cell receptors that make up the human endocannabinoid system. These are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Interestingly, the paper notes that CBD induced its anticancer effects independent of the activation of these receptors, prompting the authors to state that:

“Many cannabinoids mediate their effects by binding to CB1, CB2, or the vallinoid receptor (3, 4); however, our results indicate that CBD induces PCD independent of these receptors. This is a promising area for future investigation in that identifying the receptor through which CBD mediates its anticancer effects may better inform the design of novel drugs with a mechanism of action similar to CBD.“In this study we showed that CBD induced both apoptosis and autophagy-induced death in breast cancer cells. PCD by apoptosis is well-documented, whereas autophagy-mediated cell death is a relatively recent discovery, and there is much to be learned about the factors that prejudice autophagy toward self-protection or self-destruction.

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