Couple Hides Pregnancy From Friends And Family

Ben and his wife surprisingly gave birth to a baby without anyone in their family knowing until the shocking moment they showed up with their bundle of joy. In a day and age where it’s nearly impossible to keep even a baby’s gender a secret for nine months, this couple was somehow able to pull off the ultimate secret.

Their family had no idea there was even a pregnancy, let alone a newborn baby to meet. To their startled surprise, the couple showed up on their doorstep for the first time in 10 months and introduced the baby as theirs.

The reactions that took place were absolutely priceless. The proud daddy secretly filmed these precious words as the introduction:

“This is Ivy and our family and friends don’t know that she exists because we haven’t seen them in 10 months. So we’re going to go surprise them.”

Boy did they ever get a surprise! What a shocking family reunion that took place! It’s priceless to see their reactions!


Stepping up to the front door, this new mom and dad were in for some major celebrations – at least they hoped. They actually had no clue how their family would respond to the fact that they hid this very important information from them for 10 whole months.

With a gorgeous baby girl to introduce, they counted on it being a happy moment, so they brought the camera along to catch it all. Just a couple months short of harboring an entire year of secrets, they were finally able to spill the beans.


It made for the most incredible short film! The looks on everyone’s faces is absolutely priceless!

Watch as family members found out about this exciting news and are put on the spot to welcome their new granddaughter, niece and cousin in the unbelievable video below. It’s amazing footage!


This moment caught on film is truly unlike any other! See for yourself how wonderful this blessing is received by the family members.

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