Fibromyalgia: The Invisible Disease

As a person concerned is fighting against and what really helps

Fibromyalgia is an insidious disease suffer from the nearly three million German – mostly women. The cause of the fiber muscle pain is unclear, the disease is incurable.

Concerned has only one choice: fight the symptoms. And of which there are more than enough sufferers complain of muscle and joint pain, swollen limbs and general pressure pain sensitivity to lethargy, sleep disturbances and depression.

When Dora Wagner noted the symptoms, she was only 40 years old. At that time, 1978, Dora had a disk surgery. “She has probably caused the pain. He has then become independent,” says the now 77-year-old. At the time, the symptoms of fibromyalgia was still largely unknown.

Dora sought help from a variety of doctors. Some family doctors suspected psychosomatic behind their pain, others typed on rheumatism. A clear diagnosis, no doctor could find, because the initial findings are usually nonspecific. “I was often tired and unmotivated,” recalls Dora, “Then the back and neck pain to come.” X-rays and lab results give no clear indication of these symptoms, a diagnosis can not be ensured from the outset.

For Dora years of uncertainty began: What is behind these complaints? Where is their cause? Why can not help? For years, she went to specialists, was referred to orthopedic surgeons. Some doctors and even friends had little understanding of Dora’s suffering. “You do not see a yes to,” said Dora, “When I once sprained ankle, were all there for me, have worried. This eventually sees. But fibromyalgia? There’s no evidence . ”

Dora was desperate. 1999, a doctor referred her to a hospital for rheumatic diseases. Only there the diagnosis was made: “You have no rheumatism This is fibromyalgia..” Dora inquired about the disease. They even founded a self-help self Grupe for victims, the first of its kind in Saxony-Anhalt. Today, the 77-year-old is still working as a group spokesperson of a small support group for fibromyalgia sufferers in Schönebeck, near Magdeburg. “It is important that sufferers speak to each other, exchange ideas and above all: be active”

Dora had to take early retirement at 50 years. A trained nurse, also suffers from hip arthritis since her youth from asthma and had temporarily breast cancer, which she has now over. “Many women who suffer from fibromyalgia also suffer from other diseases,” says Dora. Related to what extent the fiber-muscle pain with other diseases is not yet clear. A disease that you can not see is difficult to explore.

Dora is not a woman who can destroy the quality of life of diseases. Weekly helping her son in his veterinary practice as a receptionist from. “You have to do something as victims! Whether it is now what Cultural, go to a concert or meet with friends,” advises the sprightly pensioner. Otherwise, the disease eats at you. “Mentally it’s really bad. Your life will suffer.” Dora, a psychotherapist decided to contact. “I would advise everyone concerned,” recommends Dora. She swears by distraction and as much activity as one only.

Simple implementation is not by far. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease. One day you feel as if you could tear out trees, the next day it may be that you can hardly move. “Then you have to overcome,” said Dora. She is a strong woman. As cancer was diagnosed in her husband, she took care of until his death in 2007 to him. Where she got the strength? “I do not know. It’s just there.”

Many women who suffer from fibromyalgia have difficulties with the disease. That there is no clear diagnosis, no clear cause, no cure method. Many succumb to the disease include themselves, isolate themselves from the outside world, by people who can not understand the insult them as malingerers, just do not believe them.

Symptoms try to stun many sufferers with drugs: painkillers, anti-depressants.The tricky thing is that the pills help only a limited time, after which the effect wears off, they need stronger medications. Quite a few are Subject, white Dora. “I always was afraid of becoming dependent. I felt at times like a junkie when I swallowed tablets” she says. That was the point at which Dora has decided to psychotherapy.

Meanwhile, she has discovered effective methods for themselves, which can replace most drugs. Every week she goes to acupuncture. “The has worked well for me,” said Dora. There is also a regular physiotherapy treatment. Every Friday she goes to water aerobics – for over ten years. In order to follow the advice of many experts. About walks or endurance sports – – and relaxation exercises such as meditation, yoga or Qigong get physical activity is to massages.

To this day, Dora can not explain where the disease occurs. She has her whole life not drunk any alcohol, never smoked. Can fibromyalgia be inherited? “We do not know,” the triple grandmother says, “Maybe it’s a predisposition, maybe not. Unfortunately we have not a lot of money for research into the disease.”

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