PCOS Pregnancy And Delivery Complications Do Not Overlook

Women with PCOS are at higher risk for pregnancy and delivery complications. These include a three-fold increase in miscarriage risk in early pregnancy compared to women without PCOS, WHAT CARE DO YOU NEED DURING PREGNANCY with pcos? Blood glucose. While pregnant, you will probably need to check your blood sugar more often than before pregnancy….

Cat Deeley announces pregnancy news in the sweetest way

The TV presenter is expecting her second child with husband Patrick Kielty JANUARY 14, 2018 – 13:43 GMT BY HANNA FILLINGHAM big congratulations to Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty! The TV couple are expecting their second baby, with the happy news being announced by Cat on Twitter. The former SMTV presenter took to her social media account on Sunday to…

Is acetaminophen really safe in pregnancy?

Published Today By Yella Hewings-Martin PhD With up to 70 percent of pregnant American women reaching for acetaminophen to treat pain, infection, and fever, debate about the drug’s safety is ongoing. New research has brought further risks to light. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) always recommend consulting a doctor prior to using any pain medication during pregnancy….

Influenza In Mom During Pregnancy Linked To Increased Bipolar Risk In Children

INFLUENZA INFLUENCE Earlier studies looked into possible links between bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and prenatal exposure to the influenza virus. However, a big problem with much of the previous research is that it was based on mothers’ memories of their health during pregnancy—memories that typically are decades old (and thus prone to inaccuracy), given that…

Concerns About Pcos And Pregnancy And What To Do About Them

Here are the top 4 risks to discuss with your doctor: #1:Gestational Diabetes (GD): Only pregnant women get this variety of diabetes which presents at about 20 weeks in pregnancy and disappears afterward. Since many women with PCOS already have issues with insulin, you may be at increased risk. If not controlled, GD can cause…