PREGGO AWAY! Kendall Jenner slams pregnancy rumours – as she calls her vintage Cadillac ‘my baby’

Reality star and model hits back at fans’ claims she’s pregnant – after comments on an Instagram snap suggested she had a ’round belly’

By Olivia Waring, Showbiz Reporter

KENDALL Jenner has hit back at fans’ claims she is secretly pregnant – after comments on an Instagram snap suggested she had a “round belly”.

The 22-year-old model, who posted a snap of herself in a gorgeous vintage Cadillac, claimed it was her love of “bagels” that made some think she looked bloated.

Kendall Jenner has hit back at fans who said this pic made her look pregnant

Taking to Twitter, Kendall referenced the fan storm around the pic and wrote: “I just like bagels ok!!!”.

Yesterday, the 5ft 9in beauty became the latest celeb to be bombarded with comments on a possible pregnancy, due to scrutiny of a social media snap.

Reality TV star Kendall, whose problem with anxiety recently led her to delete her lifestyle app, was asked by a fan: “Tell me we don’t have another pregnancy in the family???!”

Another wrote “Definitely pregnant!!”, while a third commented “it looks like ur pregnant too”, and a fourth asked “what’s happening with your stomach?”

When other fans asked why on earth people thought she is pregnant, a fifth wrote: “bc she is skinny but the way her belly rounds looks like she is pregnant”.

The storm of speculation came ten days after sister Khloe, 33, confirmed she’s expecting – and on the same day the Kardashians posted a group snap without their other pregnant sister, Kylie, 20.

But Kendall proved that she was rising above fans’ comments in the most stylish possible way with her latest Instagram snap – which cheekily gestured to the rumours.

The raven-haired catwalk star posed a pic of herself in a pink and blue vintage Cadillac, with the caption: “MY BABY.”

It seems Kendall, who is yet to express any desire to have children, is quite content treating her automobile collection like kids.

Her younger sister Kylie has not confirmed she is expecting a child with Travis Scott  – and her absence from the family Christmas card caused all kinds of speculation about her tot.

It is also now reported Kylie has split from Travis after he told her he “couldn’t do this any more” in a meltdown over the phone.

Meanwhile Queen of the Kardashians Kim is also expecting a third child via surrogate -and has vowed to use her phone less as a New Year’s Resolution.

As for the non-pregnant Kendall, reports claim that her relationship with her basketball beau Blake Griffin is blossoming, with a source close to the pair recently saying: “Kendall is very happy with Blake.

Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner have been together since the end of the summer

“They started out more like friends, and then it was very casual. But it seems more serious lately.

“When they are not together, they keep in touch over the phone.

“Her family has accepted Blake. They are spending time getting to know him.

Kendall Jenner breaks down in interview about controversial Pepsi advert

“They’re legit. They’re a full-on couple.

“Kendall has been going to a lot of his games and they have been enjoying time at home when Blake is in town. They’re good.”

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