A new dressing that improves foot healing in diabetics

The company “Urgo” has recently developed a new dressing that improves the healing of the foot in diabetics.

“This dressing contains a substance called sucrose octasulfate, which addresses the causes of poor healing,” says Dr. Serge Bohbot, director of medical affairs at Urgo and head of the clinical trial in 43 hospitals in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Over time, diabetes leads to bone deformity and loss of sensation in the feet, which greatly contributes to the development of wounds that unfortunately can often go undetected and cause a foot ulcer. The latter is the most feared complication of diabetes and often leads to gangrene.

This dressing has been tested on 240 patients with foot ulcers and the results show that the new dressing is more effective than standard treatments.

“Almost half of the patients treated with this new dressing had their wounds healed after 20 weeks, compared to one third of patients in a control group,” says Dr. Bohbot.

The latter explains that this new dressing could not only treat 60% more patients, but also shorten the healing time of 60 days.

The Urgo laboratory has already filed an application for marketing authorization and says that this dressing will not cost more than 7 euros.

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