How did Kylie Jenner keep her pregnancy a secret?

Mel Evans

On Sunday evening Kylie Jenner let the cat out of the bag – she was in fact pregnant all this time. More to the point: she’s already had the baby. ‘Woman has baby’ may be as groundbreaking as ‘florals for spring’, but as one of the most followed women on the planet, the fact Kylie was able to keep this pregnancy under wraps, even when rumours started ramping up in September of last year, is one mean feat. So how did she keep this pregnancy, and birth, shielded from the public for over five months? First of all:

Kris Jenner. Someone, we think it was Yoda, once said: The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder. They’re not wrong. The momager with the mostest managed to orchestrate one hell of a veil of secrecy that we can only assume was dotted with iron-clad non-disclosure agreements and organisation that went above and beyond that of the FBI. According to ET Online, when it came to Ky’s doctor’s appointments, Kris would have  ‘enforced the legal rights of patients, it’s against the law to release information about patients to the public. ‘Kris no doubt would have made sure they upheld their responsibilities to their patient.’  The patient being Kylie, just in case you’ve just joined us.

True friends There’s one way to measure how solid your friendships are – tell them to keep the biggest secret in showbiz and see if it gets out. There was no way Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods was going to let slip the news, but from the YouTube video posted by Kylie announcing her pregnancy, she was surrounded by a throng of friends throughout the gestation of the little unnamed one. An insider told In Touch magazine: ‘Keeping Kylie’s pregnancy under wraps for an entire nine months was ridiculously difficult for her friends. It was definitely a relief when they could finally congratulate her.

It was the hardest secret to keep. ‘But everyone’s so happy for Kylie and it’s obvious that she’s going to be a great mum.’ An iron-clad family Not one family member – and remember, it’s a big family – let her secret slip. Not even through a telling eyebrow raise or red carpet slip of the tongue.

In an interview with Mark Wright on Extra, Kim Kardashian hinted at the rule the sisters have with one another when it came to talking about what was going on in their lives.

She said: ‘We have a family rule: Everyone speaks for themselves or they will come after me.’ Not even Ellen Degeneres could get it out of them. And it’s Ellen! Kim appeared on Ellen, but said nothing Decoy cars ET added the star ‘likely used a decoy car’ to avoid detection when leaving her Hidden Hills mansion, as paparazzi awaited her every move. In the announcement video we see Kylie and pals heading to In-N-Out burger – now known as a cuisine the star craved during her pregnancy – so one can only assume there were a few cars coming and going from her house to dupe the snappers. Imagine being a decoy driver that just had to go to In-N-Out burger to put the paps off the scent. Imagine. Social media blackout Kylie seldom posted to Instagram in the months during her pregnancy – sharing the odd snap of her Lip Kit line or a throwback, or face-only shot where there was once myriad of bikini and lingerie shots. She also remained offline from her sisters’ social media accounts too.

If she weren’t pregnant, we’re sure she’d be offended. Just a general press blackout For the first time since it began (in its current, annual state) Kylie was absent from the famous Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card. We mean, even Dream, Rob Kardashian’s baby (can we please add that Rob wasn’t even on the card) made an appearance in the family-studded homage to the holidays. It ran over 25 days, with fans adamant Kylie’s big bump reveal would happen on Christmas Day with either a swollen pregnancy belly, or a baby in her arms all Virgin Mary-like. Sorry for the blasphemy.

She was snapped heading to the shoot, but what she was doing there is yet to be revealed. Aside from the Christmas Card, the new mother cancelled all press and walked not one red, or close to red, carpet after the rumours broke. Money Ah yes, that old chestnut. Kylie is minted. She was the youngest high-earning celebrity on Forbes‘ list last year as she has accumulated a net worth of around $50 million (£38 million). With all that money, it’s easy to make a secret pregnancy as breezy as possible.

We hear you can pay doctors – and fitness instructors and yoga teachers and doulas – to make house calls, you can order groceries, you order anything, you can pay off anyone who might have taken a photo of your pregnant belly – anything.


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