You! .  Do you know why you’re suffering from fibromyalgia?   .  Do you understand your disease? .  When you get a flare up, do you know what’s happening? .  One minute you’re fine, the next you feel terrible.  You go shopping and you come back exhausted like having run a marathon!  Do you know why?

Your family! .  Your partner, your kids, your parents, your siblings: do they know why your suffering? .  Do they understand you?  No! .  Whatever you complain of, they change conversation!  Not because they don’t love you but they don’t know what to do. .  They feel powerless because they too don’t understand why you’re suffering. .  And you feel lonely, even abandoned.  You can’t even play with your kids! Your friends! .  They can’t help because they don’t know why you’re suffering! .  So, they don’t invite you anymore to go out with them and you don’t invite them because you feel so tired! .  In a vicious circle, you need them more but you isolate yourself.  You feel that you’ve become a pain to them! Your work’s colleagues! .  They can’t help because they don’t understand what’s happening to you! .  Your work is becoming more difficult because of your condition but also because you can’t work as a team member anymore. .  This modern life is making things more difficult for those who can’t be part of it! .  You’re becoming more desperate and know you may loose your work! How can you explain what you’re suffering from if you can’t understand it?  Even your doctor can’t explain it!  He may even have told you “It’s all in your head!” You’re the only one who can take charge of yourself and the first step is to understand your disease! These fibromyalgia books will give you the explanation you need.  You can even show them to your doctor, you…

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